Inspection and diagnosis


3 types of inspection

At BM Workshop, we offer various inspections to meet your needs.

- Seasonal inspections: particularly useful before the winter season or when leaving storage. The seasonal inspection tests the charging system (battery, alternator), checks brake and suspension/steering systems for wear, as well as checks engine oil and coolant levels.

- Complete inspection: a concrete way to paint a picture of your vehicle's needs. This inspection is strongly recommended before buying a new vehicle or to plan the repairs to be made. It includes a test drive by an experienced mechanic, a complete scan of the vehicle, a visual check of the braking, steering, suspension, lighting systems, as well as wheels, exhaust and potential leaks.

- Diagnostic inspection: used to make a diagnosis and to choose the right avenue of repair. When your vehicle displays warning lights on the dashboard (e.g. check engine) or makes noises that worry you, a diagnostic inspection is necessary. This inspection is specific to the problem being explained.

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